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We provide solutions. All our work is focused around the client's needs.

We operate the UK’s highest capacity Bio-CNG stations


Operational stations by 2020



We own and operate the UK’s largest CNG refuelling facility


Company founded in 2014

About CNG Fuels

CNG Fuels develops, owns, and operates CNG Refuelling infrastructure and sources 100% Renewable Biomethane or Bio-CNG for its stations.
We are rolling out a UK wide network of reliable and convenient refuelling facilities to service customer’s vehicle fleets and their off-grid energy needs.
Our Bio-CNG is biomethane 100% sourced from food waste, independently verified and approved by the Department for Transport’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO).

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How we fuel our clients needs

Waitrose first moved into gas as a fuel for trucks in 2013, by running a fleet of 50 dual-fuel (gas and diesel) vehicles.

The dual-fuel vehicles were not as reliable as first expected and Waitrose order its first two dedicated Bio-CNG (running on 100% CNG) vehicles in 2015.

Cost Savings

Waitrose have saved up to 40% on their fuel bill by making the switch to Bio-CNG

Fleet Size

Currently 76 Bio-CNG HGVs.

Fuel Supplied

100% Renewable RTFO-approved Biomethane


CNG Fuels station development will be utilised by the Waitrose fleet as stations are commissioned.

We have been pioneering the adoption of long-distance biomethane trucks in the UK and scaling this up to our entire heavy truck fleet will deliver significant environmental and operational benefits. Five biomethane trucks produce the same emissions as one diesel lorry and they are also much quieter, helping reduce not only greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution but also noise pollution in our cities.

Justin Laney

Partner and General Manager

Central Transport, John Lewis Partnership

We are working to:

DEVELOP a Bio-CNG refuelling network that’s capable of servicing all of the UK’s major trucking routes.

BUILD a reliable network that dispenses CNG at a low cost making it a clear choice for operators on both an economic and environmental basis.

SEE HGV fleets in the UK catch up with international peers by running predominantly on low-emissions, low-cost biomethane.


CNG Fuels has received numerous industry awards for our work in connecting to the LTS network and encouraging the take-up of biomethane by fleet operators. The industry has also recognised our ability to supply 100% renewable RTFO-approved biomethane.

Our stations

Our public access station rollout provides customers with refuelling infrastructure that is convenient and reliable. These stations are located near the UK’s gas grid infrastructure and close to major transport routes.

We operate both the UK’s highest capacity CNG stations, including the UK’s first CNG refuelling station that is connected to the high pressure natural gas grid.

Meet the Team

Philip has been working in the natural gas industry since 2002 when he joined Hoegh LNG, an LNG ship owner in Oslo, Norway. In 2006 ...
Baden’s previous career in investment management and advisory included six years with UBS in Australia. He has held public and private company directorships in industries ...
Nick spent the first 5 years of his career as a banker in Sydney, Australia where he worked at ANZ Banking Group covering various industry ...
Peter’s early career started in the British Army, where he received a Queen’s Commission through the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and served as an Officer ...
Ian has over 40 years of experience working in the UK and overseas gas industry. He has spent time at a number of firms including ...
Chris was previously at Goldman Sachs for 19 years (1993-2012), based in Frankfurt, London and Moscow. From 2007 to 2012 he was the CEO of ...
John is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading authorities on natural gas for transport and biomethane. The company he founded, CNG Services, has ...


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