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CNG Fuels trucks


Waitrose launches Europe’s first fleet of renewable biomethane CNG-fuelled trucks with game-changing 500-mile range CNG Fuels, the supplier of renewable biomethane fuel, and Waitrose, today announced that the supermarket group has introduced Europe’s most advanced fleet of CNG (compressed natural gas)-powered trucks with a range of up to 500 miles. They will use game-changing technology

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Featured on BBC’s The One Show

CNG Fuels trucks

Renewable biomethane fuel for HGVs offers opportunity to slash road transport emissions

Waitrose among first to adopt cost-effective, low-carbon alternative to diesel CNG Fuels today announces the launch of renewable biomethane fuel, the most cost-effective and lowest-carbon alternative to diesel for heavy goods vehicles, which offers fleet operators the opportunity to slash emissions. Waitrose, John Lewis, Argos and Brit European long-distance articulated lorries are already using the

CNG Fuels trucks

Energy, Oil & Gas Magazine- Fuel of the Future

Energy, Oil & Gas magazine interviews CNG Fuels’ CFO, Baden Gowrie-Smith about the developing market for natural gas transport in the UK. Read the full article here

CNG Fuels trucks

CNG Fuels’ presentation at Biomethane Day 2016

CNG Fuels Director Philip Fjeld presented at Biomethane Day, discussing the benefits of running vehicle fleets on renewable gas. Read the full presentation here

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Cleaner, cheaper, quieter- going green with CNG- Greenfleet- Issue 91

CNG Fuels explains how Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) can be used to save both money and the environment at the same time, and why it should be the UK’s no 1 choice of Fuel Read the full article <a href=”https://issuu.com/psi-media/docs/gf91/38″ target=”_blank”>here</a>

CNG Fuels trucks

CNG Fuels has secured planning permission for the UK’s largest CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) filling station

CNG Fuels has secured planning permission for the UK’s largest CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) filling station… Read the article here

CNG Fuels trucks

CNG – An Attractive Fuel for UK Transportation

CNG Fuels aspires to be the UK’s leading owner and operator of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) refuelling infrastructure. Read the full presentation here

CNG Fuels trucks

CNG Fuels and National Grid unveil first high-pressure grid connected CNG filling station

CNG Fuels, in partnership with National Grid, has unveiled a new state-of-the-art filling station in Leyland, Lancashire today, allowing vehicles to fill up on compressed natural gas (CNG), directly from the high-pressure local transmission system. Today’s unveiling saw the first major customer, Waitrose, part of the John Lewis Partnership, fill up at the new facility,



Up to an 84% reduction in C02 emissions


Network of gas pipeline along major trucking routes


Up to a 40% cost saving when switching from diesel


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