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Bio-CNG is a clean, sustainable and cost effective alternative to diesel.


Fuel duty price on CNG has been fixed by regulators until 2032


CNG vehicles are 50% quieter than diesel equivalents


The range on current CNG HGVs

What is CNG?

CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas.

Bio-CNG, (or compressed Biomethane) differs from fossil-derived CNG/LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) as it is a bi-product from the decomposition of food and animal waste. This is safely collected in an anaerobic digester and then injected into the National Grid.

Natural Gas is a clean and safe energy source with a variety of commercial applications, such as electricity generation, heating, and fuelling transport.

CNG Fuels only supplies 100% renewable Bio-CNG at its stations.

GHG emission saving

CNG Fuels’ sourced Bio-CNG offers substantial emissions savings, which can be reported towards meeting UK targets.

costs 40% less

40% savings to be made when switching from diesel engines.

100% from food waste

We provide access to biomethane that is 100% sourced from food waste.

independently verified

Approved and verified under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation.

Using CNG to fuel transport

Bio-CNG is a cheaper, cleaner and quieter way to run an HGV fleet than conventional diesel. New engines can provide ranges greater than 500 miles, with very low efficiency loss compared to diesel. They run exclusively on gas with spark ignition, available in models ranging in size from vans up to 340hp (4×2) tractor units.

Your cost savings

Biomethane is the cleanest gas available to HGVs. It is chemically no different from fossil-based CNG.

The UK natural gas price largely tracks the oil price with about a six month delay, so the spread never changes for long.
Fixed Fuel Duty Price until 2032
The fuel duty in the UK for natural gas has been fixed by regulation at 24.7p/kg (approx 18.6p/litre of diesel) until 2032, compared to diesel at 57.95p/ltr.
demand is growing
Substantial increases in demand for 100% Renewable Biomethane for the transport sector is encouraging its production both in the UK and internationally. As greater supply comes on line it is creating downward pressure on its price.


See what you could save by making the switch from diesel to Compressed Natural Gas.


£ xx.xx

Projected Annual Fuel Savings:

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Compared to your current mileage and diesel cost CNG Fuels estimates that this would be your annual fuel cost saving by switching to CNG

xx.xx yrs

Payback period on additional vehicle CAPEX:

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Currently CNG HGVs cost more than their diesel equivalents (although this figure is reducing). Using your fuel cost savings this payback period is the estimated amount of time it takes for the fuel cost savings to pay for this additional capex.

£ xx.xx

Net five year Cash Savings:

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If you run a CNG HGV for 5 years, this is your estimated cash savings over this period. It accounts for the additional vehicle capex.

The environmental benefits

Biomethane is the cleanest gas available to HGVs. It is chemically no different from fossil-based CNG and LNG (Liquified Natural Gas).


compared to diesel*

Up to 84% reduction in Well-to-Wheel Greenhouse Gas emissions
Ultra low NOx and particulate emissions
Up to 50% reduction in noise pollution


compared to diesel*

Fossil based CNG

*This comparator uses the EU data generated by EUCAR/Concawe/JRC in their report: “Well-to-wheels Analysis of Future Automotive Fuels and Powertrains in the European Context – WTT APPENDIX 2 – Description and detailed energy and GHG balance of individual pathways – version 3c, July 2011”


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